Do you want to be an innovative creator and storyteller? Your passions are film and video-making? New friends sharing your dreams and experts with international recognition will help you find your unique voice.  

SMART Film & Video Camp uses the practice based SMART Generator method, created to enhance your brain muscles in:

Storytelling (script, visual, acting)

Media (multimedia, cross-media, transmedia)

ART (Photo, Video, Film). 

SMARTFilm Camp is a joyful, Professional and Personal Development program, designed for supporting young talents. Our fun friendly method uses design thinking, cinematic and decision-making optimization. Have you imagined you can expand your creative skills together with your soft skills? The SMARTFilm magic is that you can use your passions to discover and improve yourself, creatively and personally, while connecting with great friends and topics.

You love to shoot memorable photos and videos by transforming them into life changing stories? At Bucharest SMARTFilm Camp you learn how to stimulate your mind and spirit, using your phone or camera at their best storytelling potential. 


  • Workshop level: beginner

  • Schedule: 5 days, from 10 to 16 o'clock (including one hour lunch brake)

  • Equipment: your phone or DSLR/ mirrorless camera 


Hand-on learning:

  • storytelling - using Design Thinking techniques, you will be guided into creative story writing (script, visual, acting)

  • story-boarding - learn how to turn ideas into visual stories

  • filming - discover various types of shooting, light, and sound work, being assisted by our team in making a short film with the phones or cameras that you use for creative purposes

  • editing - learn the secrets of editing the best version of your movies, creating a practical result to show off to your friends, family, colleagues and larger audiences.

​​Skills development:

  • develop your creative, strategic and decision making abilities while designing the optimal form of your story 

  • improve your ability to think critically and visually 

  • discover your unique personal voice and gain the confidence that you can overcome new challenges by playing various roles that you love and you can choose from: writer, director, actor, cinematographer, producer

  • develop leadership, communication and team work skills by creating a short film together with the other camp participants.


Ionuț Pițurescu

Director & Film producer, Phd in Sociology and Visual Anthropology, with 15+ years in Visual Communication and Arts, Ionut has directed, produced and mentored various films recognized internationally. His movie, "Quest" (Romania) was selected at 63rd Cannes Film Festival, winning Quinzaines des Realisateurs Award, while "Borders" (Romania, Denmark, Burma) was selected among best world projects in Cinefondation Atelier at 68th Cannes Film Festival.

Alina Matache

Film producer, Program Manager with 10+ years in implementing complex projects, Alina has guided and produced 12 films within Cineimpact International Film Academy, working with students coming from 15+ countries world wide. One of the feature length projects produced by Alina, Mother and Son (Romania, Finland), was selected in 2018 at the prestigious LisbonDocs Film Forum.   

The SMARTFilm Camp mentoring team offers a toolbox that guides you into the deeper understanding of visual storytelling along revealing your own personal powers to impact the world. 

Now is your chance to develop your Film and Video-making vision through a mentorship program that empowers you to take better decisions in your projects, just as in your life. Not to mention that you will have a lot of fun while creating a short film to take home at the end of the week.